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Harriet Russell, Director, Bhumi's

Harriet Russell was awarded a U.S. Speaker Grant from the U.S. State Department to speak, coach, and teach in Minsk, Belarus.

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Belarus 2011
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"It is impossible to be an entrepreneur
without a 'passion for entrepreneurship'"


Photos of International Entrepreneurship Forum
Bel.Biz, 11/16/11

Photos of Harriet Russell Master-Class
Bel.Biz, 11/17/11

Harriet's Participation in
Entrepreneurship Round Table, 11/14/11
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Harriet's Presentation at
Entrepreneurship Forum, 11/16/11

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Harriet's Meeting at Credit Unions Association

Harriet's Talks at Coaching Center
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Group of yoga teachers in a special session after larger yoga class. Alexei attended Harriet's large yoga class and coaching session, and met with her at the Entrepreneurship Forum.

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Cross Cultural CommunicationsDownload Brochure

Bhumi's Cross Cultural Communications and Business Customs
Whether working with a diverse group within an American business, or with international groups, intercultural communication impacts business and individual relationships.

Communication between individuals of the same culture can be challenging. Communication between those of different cultures is even more challenging. Misunderstandings can be merely humorous or quite dramatic, and can thwart business from moving forward.

Culture impacts business. A global mindset is necessary for success in today's world.

Harriet's sessions are educational and informative, interactive and participatory with real life business situations. She works with training groups or as one-on-one coaching sessions, by phone or in person.

You will learn:
• What cross cultural communication is
• Why it is important in today's global marketplace

You will explore:
• Cultural knowledge and skills
• Tools and tips for your own business

You will create:
• Greater self awareness and openness in viewing others

What Is Cross Cultural Communication?
Cross cultural or intercultural communication, as defined by Wikipedia, is a field of study that looks at how people from different cultural backgrounds communicate, in similar and different ways, among themselves and how they endeavor to communicate across cultures.

Intercultural communication is a form of global communication. It is used to describe the wide range of communication problems that naturally appear within an organization made up of individuals from different religious, social, ethnic, and educational backgrounds….it seeks to understand how people from different countries and cultures act, communicate and perceive the world around them. As a separate notion, it studies situations where people from different cultural backgrounds interact. Aside from language, intercultural communication also involves understanding the different cultures, language and customs of people from other countries. It is the base for international businesses.

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Link to article with more education on cross cultural interactions:
"Conscious Communications: Know Yourself" by Harriet Russell
Bhumi's International Newsletter - Issue 2


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